The Poe VEGAS BABY Auction

To participate in the auction (in person or at home), go to to sign up. You don't have to go to the auction to bid on silent auction items and instant buy items. We have a large selection of silent auction items from shopping, fashion, entertainment, experiences such as Vice Principal for the Day or Teacher for the Day, class baskets, class art, and so much more...

Auction Chairs Angela Reamer + Abbi Parker Underwriting Chairs Chair - Staci Le
Volunteer - Leah Elliot-White
Volunteer - Shannon Witz
Silent Auction Chair - Veronica Rivas + Heather Houston
Volunteers - Janine Chalitsios, Channing Chernoff, Jennifer DeLange, Aja Munaji, Catherine Governale, Jamie Garner, Julie Wolken, Melissa Bueninck, Misty Corbridge, Erika Park, Natasha Shamdasani, Annie Polasek, Shannon Witz
Technology Heather Byrnes Catering Chair - Julie Wolken
Volunteer - Janine Chalitsios
Production Chair - Jason Osborne Socials Chair - Katherine Smith Photography Chair - Rosalyn James
Volunteer - Austin Kimbrough
Communications Chair - Jenny Mohr
Spanish Chair- Maria Light
Decorations Chair - Angela Reamer
Volunteer - Julie Wolken
Volunteer - Heather Reardon
Class Baskets Chair - Annie Polasek
Chair - Shannon Witz
Class Art Chair - Lauren Pham
Chair - Courtney Carter
Volunteer - Diane Schoppe
Volunteer - Geneva Li
Kick Off Party Hosts
Brooks + Leah Elliot
Andre + Felicia Humphery
Leslie + Rob Wubbenhorst
Angela Reamer
Art Cow Pavers Chair - Stephanie Magers
Volunteer - Annamarie Saavedra
Metal Cutouts Chair - Angela Chairez
Auction Sponsors
Straight Flush Sponsors
The Kind Caterers
Full House Sponsors
Flush Sponsors
The Adamson-Sachrison Family
The Witz Family
The Christian-Spanjian Family
Mindy + Connor Riseden
The Chairez Family
Brooke Bradburn