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Cute as a bug on a wall! Creeping, crawling and flying throughout the mural, these special creatures each have their own personality that will bring joy to all ages. Bright and happy, one of these critters can be yours! Each creature and critter is hand-sculpted and vary in size, shape and color.

Size: approx. 3”-4” x 5”-7” with room for 1-3 names.

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Reserve + purchase your Legacy Wall Tile. You have 2 options: Pay In Full OR Make a Partial Payment. If you choose to make a partial payment, you will pay 30% today, and you will be invoiced for the remaining amount with the ability to make partial payments through December 10, 2018. Please note that prices include a 3% convenience fee.

All sales are final. The production of each tile begins when a down payment is made, and therefore, we cannot offer any refunds. Failure to pay balance by invoice due date will result in forfeiture of tile(s) and any payments made towards said tile(s).