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Read-a-thon is a fundraising initiative that provides family and friends with an opportunity to give directly to Poe Elementary while promoting reading and education. This is a direct investment in each student’s daily educational experience.

Read-A-Thon Goals

Educational Fundraiser: Read-A-Thon promotes literacey while raising money for Poe and benefiting our kids educationally. 

Minutes Read Goal: To have each of our 834 students read a minimum of 30 minutes a day during the school week for a total of 250,200 minutes, 4170 hours, or 173 days of reading.
Fundraising Goal:  $83,400 These funds will have a direct impact on your student and enable the PTO to help bridge the gap on any funds needed due to HISD budget cuts.

How we do it:  Have each of our 834 students obtain an average of $100.00 in sponsorship's from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and extended family.

If you have a question about a business sponsorship or would like to volunteer to help with Read-A-Thon please contact Janine Chalitsios at mariespec@aol.com or 832-758-1985.


2018 Read-A-Thon Success

A special thank you to Janine Chalitsios and Annamarie Saavedra for spearheading this new fundraiser!   Your dedication to Poe and the all the kids at Poe is much appreciated!

Read-a-thon raised $48,665 from 1,805 sponsors.

Poe kids read for 552,842 minutes.

Thank you all for your participation in this wonderful fundraiser!