Poe PTO Meeting

Our next PTO meeting is Tuesday, November 14th, and is evening meeting at 6:30 p.m.

Childcare is being provided at school by Little Heroes.  Thank you Little Heroes for supporting Poe and the PTO!

We will have pizza and drinks at the meeting and for the kids!

This is an important meeting to attend.  We will be voting on the use of surplus capital funds that were budgeted for whiteboards, but are now available for other projects since HISD provided the whiteboards over the summer.  The ideas we have received for the funds are:

1) picnic tables in back yard (in the empty shady area between the back side door and the 4th grade buildings)
2) picnic tables in the shady mulch area in front of the kinder deck
3) more ground cover around the school to further prevent muddy run-off on the sidewalks and gutters
4) trimming of trees around the school
5) nothing!   Save the money for next year's capital budget
6) save the money, but earmark it for a special future project (like a new playground!)

Please let us know at president@poepto.org if you have any comments on the above suggestions or any other suggestions for the funds.  And please plan to attend the November meeting to make your voice heard!!  

Heather Byrnes