Friends of Poe without children currently at Poe may donate by logging in with the email guest@poepto.org


Poe Partners is the PTO’s sponsorship program that reaches out directly to our community businesses to partner with Poe to raise money, but most importantly, to show the students that we have a philanthropic community.  

We want our children to know that it’s not just the school that wants them to succeed but our entire City of Houston.  We are asking you to invest in our students and a help us create a culture of giving because chances are that they will give back in the future.  Help us teach the givers of the future and view our  Sponsorship Levels to see how you can impact our school with your gifts.

If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits of the Poe Partner program, please email giving@poepto.org.

        2018-2019 Poe Partners

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        Additional Opportunities to Support Poe

        Poe Elementary 90th Celebration (2018-2019)

        Calling all alumni and current Poe community. There are generations of families that received their early elementary educations from Poe Elementary.  You remember the past and present.  We will be celebrating this lineage in the upcoming year and raising money for the Poe Spark Park and more.  

        Fine Arts Career Week

        Poe Elementary is a Fine Arts Magnet School and one week a year, Poe inspires its students K-5th by bringing in over 100 professional artists, writers, actors, musicians from the Houston Community to share their passion for careers in the Arts.  This program is unique to Poe and every artist generously donates their time to inspire budding artists.

        All Art Day

        Every child at Poe gets excited about the “Art Day T-shirt” where they color and make their own as well as getting a chance to side-walk chalk all the Poe Elementary entrance.  Starting with Kinder all the way to 5th, every child is a celebrated artist.  This is a Poe tradition and a hallmark of the Fine Art Magnet Status.

        International Festival

        Did you know that Poe is represented by over 80 countries in its student body of 800 students? Along with the Fine Arts Magnet, this is what makes Poe Elementary uniquely diverse.  Children at Poe celebrate each other’s cultures and it is recognized through a school celebration of diversity at the International Festival that many families from all over the world take part in organizing.

        Poe Annual Book Fair

        Volunteers on the PTO work hard to make this a week-long celebrated event at Poe Elementary.  The event includes a well-attended “Family Literacy Night” and a “Grandparent’s Breakfast”.  The event allows for parents to send money for the kids to shop for books for their class. Literacy and inclusiveness is at the core of Poe and it would mean a great deal to can provide each child at Poe with the ability to purchase a book from the Book Fair.  Donations help each child can shop with their class.

        Poe PTO Contributions

        Choose what you want your donation to go towards. Select a donor focus + percentage %.

        • TECHNOLOGY (smart boards, computers)
        • LIBRARY