Dear 5th Grade Parents,

My name is Staci Le and I am your 5th Grade VIP which means I am your direct parent contact for all things 5th grade. This is my last year at Poe and it means a lot to me to make this year the very best for our students and teachers.

Welcome to the “Everything you need to know about the 5th Grade Year” page. We know you have a busy schedule and there is a lot to keep track of for the year and your 5th grade leadership team of volunteers is trying to help you keep it together by having all of your information on this page. Here are the things you need to do!

  • Pay 5th Grade Activity Fee

  • Volunteer to help for events listed

  • Upload your child’s baby picture below by April 19, 2019

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about this year. There are many volunteer opportunities and I would love to plug you in.


Staci Le,


The 5th Grade Activity fee covers all of the special activities through the school year including: Williamsburg Day, Science Camp, Field Trip to Kemah, Graduation, Yearbook signing/ party and T-Shirts. Payments can be made by filling out this form. Every 5th grade student is required to pay the Activity Fee. Please Submit fees by deadline October 31, 2018 to ensure reservations.

You can also pay ONLINE in our “MySchoolAnywhere” Store by scrolling down to find this icon or searching by category “5th Grade Activity Fee”.


WILLIAMSBURG DAY - November 15th (Thursday)

The 5th grade students will be learning about the historical significance of Colonial Williamsburg in their classrooms during the school year. It has been a long standing tradition at Poe for students to experience this American history through hands on learning of the traditions and culture. They will participate in crafts activity like basket weaving, calligraphy, tye dying and clay pottery. The students will have an entire day of celebrating this period of time and a community lunch will take place with all 5th grade classes. Parents will be invited to volunteer to bring dishes and help by attending.


The various Guilds have been invited to conduct 35 minute demonstrations to each class. 

Classes will rotate through starting at 8 am and ending at 1 pm

Community Lunch will be from 1 pm to 2 pm.


Outdoor Basketball Courts, if it is cold and raining, then we will have 5th graders eat in their classrooms.


1. Each class should have a minimum of 2 volunteers per rotation to help the Guild members, please see the Williamsburg Community Day Sign Up Genius. We realize not all volunteers will be able to stay the whole time, so please sign up for one shift or multiple if you are able.

2. LUNCH SET UP will start around 12 pm, we will need help with table setup, food warmup and placement, serving & cleanup afterwards. If you have a crock pot, let me know we can definitely use it!

3. DONATIONS: We are requesting monetary donations to purchase the sides this year for our luncheon, to ensure food safety. So if you were thinking about bringing in that green bean casserole, let us make your life easier and send in a monetary donation instead! Any amount is appreciated but we are aiming to raise at around $25 per class! Please sign-up on the Williamsburg Community Day Sign Up Genius and pass your cash onto your 5th grade teacher or Ms. Baber by Monday, Nov. 13, 2018. If we receive more funds than needed, they will be put towards the 5th grade Fund to help cover the future events coming up. 


Williamsburg Day Volunteer Opportunities: Chair - Rachel Flores at


Science Camp has been a favorite among teachers and students for many years at POE. In the past it was an overnight camp for students provided by HISD. This year, due to budget cuts, there was a concern that Science Camp would be eliminated from the 5th grade year. However, we are proud to announce that Science Camp will still take place but it will not be overnight. We are thrilled to continue to make this work for the kids as it is a valuable and fun part of learning Science. Please continue to check back here for details and dates!

UPDATE : (April 4) Science Camp has been fully cancelled for this year due to time constraints and unattainable contract approval from district. Hopefully we can try again next year!

KEMAH FIELD TRIP- May 30th (Thursday) - changed to Main Event

Join us as we bus the entire 5th grade class down to the Kemah Boardwalk for a day of rides and fun! We will need parents to help chaperone on this day. Expect a full day in the sun with returns time to be early evening.

Kemah Field Trip Volunteers Contact: Staci Le VIP at

Update: (April 4) We will be going to Main Event instead of Kemah due to high number of kids not wanting to do rides. We will leave school around 8am and return back at school about 2pm. Chaperones needed. Register here ..


Wednesday, May 29th , 6:30-7:30pm


WHERE: Graduation takes place at Lanier Middle School Auditorium from 6:30pm-7:30pm located at: 2600 Woodhead, Houston, TX . 77098. Dress is “Sunday Best” and spaghetti straps, heels are prohibited.

Reserve Seats (paid seats): First and second rows may be reserved for advance purchase online through MySchoolAnywhere.

DROP OFF KIDS EARLY, 5:30PM- Children will be escorted without parents to the cafeteria to prepare. Parents will not be allowed to enter the building until 6pm to ensure preparation from the volunteers.



There is a powerpoint slideshow that compares your child’s 5th Grade class pic to a baby pic

DONUT PARTY CONTEST- The First Class that submits all of their baby pics get a DONUT PARTY!!

Final Deadline is APRIL 19th


Preferred method- upload your file via DropBox below

OR email it to

Please save file as your child's FIRST/ LAST NAME- TEACHER'S CLASS 

ex:  sam smith baber


This can be hard to find for some people so feel free to use any photo that is from their youth.  We will be comparing them to their 5th grade class picture they took this year at school.

MEDIA RELEASE for the baby pics

If you have a media release on file for your child at Poe they will be in this slideshow.  If you have one not allowing consent, then we will respect and not feature your child at graduation.

DEADLINE for baby pics APRIL 19, 2019

We have a wonderful slideshow that requires parents to provide us with a Baby Picture. This picture must be submitted by the deadline. Please click the link to upload your child’s baby picture to a secure Dropbox account that will not be allowed to be viewed by anyone but our 3 mom volunteers. Please include students full name and teacher’s name on saved file.



KICKBALL: Historically, the teachers have always won BUT this could be the first year that the Class of 2019 beat the teachers!! No one wants to miss this on the last day of school.

YEARBOOK: Buy your yearbook through our online store and make sure you reserve your sponsored page now because there is limited space. Everyone wants their yearbook for the signing party! Order directly on

5TH GRADE END OF YEAR PARTIES: All of 5th Grade has reserved the Poe Playground and blacktop for an end of year blow out party! All of the classes will be joined together.

Volunteers Register here :

5th GRADE SCHOOL CLAPOUT- May 31st, 2:30pm

Be prepared to bring tissues as parents and the entire school line up in the hallways to watch the 5th grade students parade through the Poe hallways one last time. Kids walk out of Poe with smiles and some with tears knowing that this is this last moment of treasured elementary days at Poe. This tradition was started several years ago and has become a “do not miss” event for the entire school.