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Wine Contributions for Raffle

Wine Raffle is a wonderful Poe auction tradition. Want to be a part? How about donating a bottle or two of wine for the Wine Raffle? The Auction Committee is still collecting wine for this raffle.

Please note: As of 2/21, we are still in need of donations. Please stop by the Houston Wine Merchant (2646 South Shepard Drive) to make a donation! Discounts are available on wines and premium spirits for both personal purchase and for donation to the auction.

Tickets for the raffle will be sold the night the night of auction.

Thank you to our donors!

Richard Holt
Matthew Kades
Lia Nguyen
Leslie Zientek
Jigna Cooper
Felicia Humphrey
Michael Ondruch
Katherine Arbiter
Brooks Elliott
Carol Nolan
Dana Blume
Roberta Hethcox
Jeff Amerson
Lucinda Dalton
Krystal Hatchett
Janet McMasters


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